English as an Additional Language

News for July 2013

Learning English

Learning English at your own speed, in your own time and in your own home will help you learn faster because you will be relaxed and comfortable.

Although we focus on person to person English learning we are happy to arrange for group lessons by video conference if you would prefer to be part of a team lesson.

We also provide group stays here in the UK.

If you need help to decide what will be best for you then use the contact form and we will be sure to have the right plan for you.

3 July 2013

Learn to speak English

We have a fibre optic internet connection and combine professional video studio and video conferencing to ensure that you can see and hear pronunciation exercises in full screen. Your teacher will be on camera with you to help guide you throughout

You can connect with your teacher and classroom using any web enabled devise from home or at work and you can set lesson times to fit in with work or college times, whenever suites you best. This you can set in in your registration lesson plan.

2 July 2013

Learn English Now

You can start to learn English through our video conference platform and virtual classroom as soon as you have registered. This can be within 24 hours of your first contacting us.

Your teacher will help you all the way through which ever course you choose.

Starting with your registration and level evaluation they will work with you to help plan the best curriculum for you which might be one hour a month or a full time 6 hours a day.

The choice is yours.

Lessons are recorded and available for revision online whilst you are a student with us. Here you will also find the support material, your course plan and all documentation relating to your course.

If you have any questions or wish to enrol please use our contact form.

1 July 2013

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